Kickers and Minors/Seniors Rules

The rules of SAY Soccer shall be enforced as stated in the SAY rulebook unless modified below. These modified Laws are for Minors/Seniors and Kickers Co-ed. 

Updated January 14, 2023


Law 1: Field

The recommended field size is the same as used for the Strikers and/or Kickers Division 

Law 3: Players and Substitutions

Law 7: Duration

The game will be played in 15-minute quarters. No overtime. 

Law 8: Start of Play

The female touch rule does not apply at the kickoff. Any player may take the kickoff. A goal can be scored directly from this kick. The taking of the kickoff by a female does not establish female touch. 

Law 10: Method of Scoring

If two or more females are present and able to play, A female player must touch the ball in her attacking half of the field for a goal to be allowed unless the ball enters the goal from: 

Should a goal be disallowed because a Female Touch was not established, play should be re-started with a goal kick.

If one female is present and able to play, the ball must be touched by the female anywhere in any position on the field. The female touch will reset at kickoff.

If no females are present and able to play, the males present must make a minimum of 3 (three) passes on the offensive side of the field.

Laws 13-17: Free Kicks, Penalty Kicks, Throw-ins, Goal Kicks, and Corner Kicks